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Rehabilitation Science

The Rehabilitation Science Department deals with the "Work, Health and Rehabilitation" research program. The research program focuses on the effect of work-related, personal and social factors on health and also takes preventive and rehabilitation issues into account. Investigations conducted to date have, for instance, dealt with personal and organizational resources such as the work-life balance, social capital or work commitment. One aim of the research program is to identify health-promoting protective factors and strategies to help those affected to maintain or regain the capacity to work.

Furthermore, differences and similarities are examined during comparative analyses of organizations and links with health-relevant outcomes are highlighted. Individual and organizational procedures targeting health aspects, the ability to work and compatibility between the professional and private lives of those involved are evaluated using qualitative and quantitative methods. Department colleagues provide support and advice on the analysis of existing data.

Department Rehabilitation Science

Prof. Holger Pfaff (Head of department)


Dr. Anna Choi (Deputy head of department)


Kira Hower


Dr. Birthe Lehmann


Lara Lindert


Yvonne Percan


Silke Ohlmeier


Nicolas Schippel


Sabrina Zeike