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CareResearchLab Cologne

The CareResearchLab Cologne (CRLC) is the IMVR health services research laboratory. An infrastructure is available to carry out experimental and qualitative health services studies that are supported in the field. The CRLC is characterized by three components:

  • Video analysis laboratory

  • Electronic data capture platform

  • Advice on methods

The video analysis laboratory investigates interaction processes (e.g. patient-doctor discussions) and group processes (e.g.  team of caregivers). Furthermore, the video analysis laboratory can be used for focus groups, the preliminary testing of questionnaires and competence training in research and education.

The data capture platform is used to compile and develop machine-readable questionnaires.

The methodology advice available from the CRLC extends to developing questionnaires, qualitative and quantitative data capture and evaluation in conjunction with online questionnaires.