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  • Terms of Use

IMVR Library Terms of Use

§ 1 Duties

1. The IMVR (Institute for Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science) library is a scientific reference library. It primarily serves research, education and study followed by professional and general training. It satisfies these duties in that it

  • provides books for use in the library,

  • provides assistance through leaflets or other means.

2. The books covered by these terms of use are journals, newspapers, writable data storage devices such as CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, video tapes and other designated items for use.

§ 2 Authorized users

Anyone who wishes to use the library for one of the purposes listed in § 1 paragraph 1 clause 2, is authorized to do so.

§ 3 User conditions

1. The library is used within the scope of terms and conditions governed by public law.

2. These terms of use and the arrangements for their implementation adopted by the Director, Professor Dr. Holger Pfaff, provide the legal basis governing use. They are adopted following signature or implementation by the library.

§ 4 Data protection

The law governing the protection of personal data is applied when processing such information.

§ 5 Fees and refunding of expenses

The library can basically be used free of charge. Fees and the refunding of expenses may be requested in accordance with the current version of the Hochschulbibliotheksgebührenordnung (ordinance governing university library fees) and the Cologne University schedule of costs.

§ 6 Opening times

The library can only be used by arrangement. Please contact Mrs. Ines Greiner ( or phone 0221-478 97129).

§ 7 General terms and conditions governing use

1. Users can access library services in accordance with the policy governing their use and the arrangements adopted for the implementation thereof.

2. Users must behave in such a way so as to ensure that safety and order are maintained at all times.

3. The instructions given by library staff must be followed. Personal ID cards or travel passes must be shown at the request of library staff.

4. The library is entitled to take the necessary control measures to safeguard its stock. Outdoor clothing, hats, umbrellas, briefcases, luggage, and similar items must not be taken into library areas that are subject to staff monitoring. On leaving controlled areas, users must voluntarily show the books they are carrying and allow any bags/containers in their possession to be searched.

5. Users must carefully handle the books, fixtures and items used.

6. Animals are not allowed in the library.

§ 8 Library liability

1. The library is not liable for damages due to incorrect, incomplete, omitted or delayed services.

2. The library is not liable for damages arising from the improper use of library technical equipment, hardware and software, data storage devices (e.g. diskettes) or user files (e.g. virus programs).

§ 9 Liability of users and user exclusion

1. The user is liable for all damages arising due to non-compliance with the user policy or the arrangements adopted for the implementation thereof.

2. The library management team can temporarily or permanently, fully or partly, exclude a user who seriously or repeatedly violates the user policy or measures adopted to ensure its implementation following discussions with the Institute Director. User exclusion  can be connected to a ban. Any appeal against user exclusion and ban is governed by the Administrative Court Procedures Code. The user's obligations arising from the user terms and conditions shall remain in force during the exclusion period.

§ 10 Behavior within the library

1. The user shall refrain from any behavior that prevents the library from operating smoothly. Animals are not permitted in the library.

2. In the mutual interest of all users, silence must prevail as much as possible in all study areas. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the library and no food must be taken into the library.  Similarly, any behavior that is disruptive or which makes it difficult for other people to work is not permitted.

3. No sheets must be taken from loose-leaf documents and files, and no catalog cards from catalogs. The photocopying ban implemented by the library regarding certain reference materials must be noted.

4. The use of electronic information media and devices in the library is subject to certain terms and conditions that may be displayed.

§ 11 Reference collections

1. The reference materials must be returned to their proper location after use.

2. No materials can be borrowed from the reference collection.

§ 12 Borrowing by institute members

Books borrowed by institute members must only be used in the borrower's office.

§ 13 Borrowing by other people

1. All other persons can only borrow books short-term (e.g. for copying) on presentation of a valid photo ID. Borrowed books must be returned on the same day.

§ 14 Liability for damages

1. Anyone who loses or damages media or damages library equipment or items is liable for damages. The library determines the nature and amount of the damages with due discretion.

2. The library gives the user an appropriate timescale to provide a full replacement copy. If this is not feasible, monetary compensation must be provided. Users and the library can contractually agree on a different arrangement. The contract must be in writing.

§ 15 Equality clause

The status and functional descriptions of this policy apply to men and women.