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Finished projects


Value Stream Mapping in Breast Cancer Centers – a solution approach to improve the discharge process „VaMB“

Innovation Committee (Innovationsausschuss) of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)

APVEL - Evaluation of specialized outpatient palliative care

Innovation Committee (Innovationsausschuss) of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)

Evaluation of the Fitkids Program for a Healthy Growing up of Children of Parents Suffering from Addiction (EvaFit II)

Auridis GmbH

Promoting the health literacy of managers – An evidence-based training program (HeLEvi)

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Rehabilitative health care for geriatric patients in Baden-Württemberg

Ministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung, Familie, Frauen und Senioren Baden-Württemberg

The acute care hospital and its outpatient and inpatient medical services: A player in both sectors?

Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (Zi)

NWOB - Organizational behaviour in health care institutions in Germany - theoretical approaches, methods and empirical results

Scientific network funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Evaluation study of the Fitkids program for children-orientation in drug-counseling centers (EvaFit)

Auridis GmbH

Occupational rehabilitation after breast cancer - differences between hospitals regarding frequency and length (B-Rehab)

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

Value Stream Mapping in Care Facilities – an Evidence-Based Intervention of Organizational Development?

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

Palliative care in German Hospitals – a Health services research project

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

HSR-NICU Health Services Research in care of very-low-birth-weight-infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

Determinants and Effects of inadequate health literacy in chronically ill (DHL-C)

UoC-Forum University of Cologne

Exploring Leadership Skill and Leader Team Configuration as Antecedents of Safety Climate and Climate for Collaboration, and their Effects on Neonatal Outcomes (Safety4NICU)

UoC-Forum University of Cologne

Scientific Institute of TK for Benefit and Efficiency in Health Care

WINEG – TK Scientific Institute for Benefit and Efficiency in Healthcare



WORG OUT – Work Organization and Patient-Reported Outcomes

German Cancer Aid

Patient survey colon cancer centers


Statistical Evaluation


GemaB – Patient gender and ethnicity as factors inhibiting willingness to participate in health care programs and influencing responses to care: a study of a structured integrative health care model for patients with chronic heart failure

European union

Strengthening patient competence: Breast cancer patients’ information and training needs (The PIAT Study)

The German Federal Ministry of Health as part of its National Cancer Plan

Kölner Infarkt Modell (KIM)


Physician-patient-interaction in the course of prostate cancer treatment

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

The treatment situation of stroke patients in Germany – a study based on routine data

The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

WIN ON Study: Working Conditions in Oncology and their Influence on Physician-Patient Communication and Patients

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (German Research Foundation) and Köln Fortune

Advanced Trauma Psychosocial Support

German Research Foundation (DFG)

HAROW – New insights regarding the treatment of localized prostate cancer: Subproject "Physician-patient interaction"




The study is funded with IMVR’s own resources

Creating a balance between flexibility and stability through implicit agreements in the microtechnology and nanotechnology industries


Patient survey at the breast care centers


Deepening our Understanding of Quality improvement in Europe

EU DG Research Grant in the 7th Framework

Integrated innovation strategies in ICT companies for preserving the employability of skilled personnel and their capacity for innovation by integrating health promotion programs into the workplace – Prevention expertise through a relevant network of acto

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Health services research accompanying the introduction of breast centers in North Rhine-Westphalia: Survey of key persons and staff (EBRU II)