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Research areas

Work and health

  • Occupational social epidemiology (psychological strains, workplace bullying, social support, organizational climate)

  • Workplace health promotion, workplace health policies, and workplace health management

Health services research

  • Organizational development in hospitals (e.g., benchmarking)

  • Patient surveys

  • Surveys of referring physicians

  • Staff surveys

  • New health service structures and types (e.g. breast centers)

  • Integrated health services

  • Rehabilitation research in the areas polytrauma and coronary heart disease

  • Health services epidemiology

Organizational research

  • Learning organizations

  • Organizational development

  • Organizational diagnosis

  • Organizational intervention

  • Organizational evaluation

Methodological research

  • Development of questionnaires for organizational diagnosis

  • Development of questionnaires on physician-patient interaction

  • Development of staff surveys